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Searching Bee Removers Near Me?

Southern Bee Removal understands your problems, and bees often disturb your property and family. Have you asked your friends this question: “Is there a bee removal service near me?”

Our trained professional beekeepers will assess your situation and handle your bee or wasp removal problem quickly and efficiently!

Please call 941-979-6089 for free bee removal estimates today!

Do You Have Bee Hives with Bees Buzzing Around the Property?

We understand your concerns and know when to relocate, remove, or exterminate a bee colony. It all depends on how they affect the property and your family. Therefore, you need a bee removal service that assesses the situation appropriately.

Florida bee removal isn’t an easy task for an untrained person. Overall, it could be very dangerous. You shouldn’t tackle this task yourself and should work with a trained and experienced professional. We’re just a phone call away!

Honey Bees and other Common Pests in South Florida

The European Honey Bee used to be found on the west coast, but now it’s in South Florida and is often seen around native flowers and plants. They typically mind their own business and are a source of honey or get domestically used for pest control and healthy gardens.


Contacted this company in the morning and pesky yellow jackets were gone by late afternoon. Great service and prompt response! They were friendly, professional and informative. The nest was huge, and he explained everything that was going on. Fascinating! Now I can work in the garden without being stung. Thanks so much!
— James Rouch

We had a swarm of honeybees make our compost bin their home. We called Southern Bee Removal and their guys came out the same day and removed the bees. They were fantastic and extremely professional throughout the process. HIGHLY recommend them!!!
— Jessica Nouri

Very professional and attentive to their customers needs. Made sure that the bees were removed and when I called they followed up to ensure that all was well. Loved there customer service..
— Michael Clay

bee removers near me

Bee Removers Near Me

You also have the Africanized Honey Bee. Africanized bees are more dangerous and aggressive than European Honey Bees and prefer warm weather. Likewise, they are more territorial. The African Honey Bees swarm and sting with a predatory drive, so they’re a significant threat to properties and homes. It’s wise to call bee trappers to get rid of Africanized Honey Bees.

Have you asked your friends and family members this question: “Do you know of any bee removers near me?” We are the best choice when you require bee removal. Florida citizens don’t have to be stung or hurt because of killer bees.

We offer African Honey Bee removal in Florida and also deal with wild bee colonies and other needs.

What Will Attract Bees?

Bees are often attracted to different types of flowers, food, and loud noises. Climates are also a factor because they will drive bees to specific places around your home.

Human intervention might cause bees to attack people, either from a misguided bee relocation attempt or a curious prod.

You don’t have to spend many hours trying to stop a bee infestation. Instead, call our bee removal specialists! We assess your situation and the bee hive to give you the best outcome. When friends ask, “Is there bee removal near me?” you can finally answer yes!

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Why Choose Our Bee Removal Services

“Where do I go for honey bee removal near me?” It’s a question people ask local beekeepers all the time, and it’s wise to choose a bee removal specialist who cares about these stinging insects. Wasps are also often a challenge, and we offer wasp removal through our pest control services.

If you need a pest control company to help with stinging insect removal in a safer way, our team is the one to choose. We offer a bee removal guarantee to those in Florida, so you know you’ll get the best service possible.

Are you ready to experience the outdoors without worrying about bee stings? Do you have an Africanized bee hive on your property in Florida or anywhere in other southern states? Our team specializes in bee removals, and we can help you determine the best course of action. Call 941-979-6089 today for a free bee removal estimate!

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