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Do You Need Bee Removal? Southern Bee Removal Lakeland is on your Side!

Bee Removal Lakeland At Southern Bee Removal, there’s no hive too large for us. Florida is a beautiful space with many activities available, such as going to lakes and beaches, visiting parks, seeing landmarks, and exploring the landscape and mountains.

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bee removal Lakeland

Honey Bee Removal Lakeland

It’s important to enjoy your time in Florida, but most people are stuck inside their homes because there are many bee colonies around the property.

You can find various removal services in Lakeland, but an eco-bee removal service is often what Floridians seek out because pests usually create hostile environments. Though bees often look welcoming, they can be very dangerous because of the swarm and sting, especially if you’re dealing with an Africanized Honey Bee.

However, we can help you with the bee removal process and do things quickly and safely using our kill-free bee removal. Lakeland residents often find this to be the best solution!

Bee Hive Removal Lakeland

We offer fast, safe, and high-quality honey bee removal. Lakeland and the surrounding area often deal with swarms. Whether you have a large bee colony or a small hive, we can assist. Plus, we offer wasp removal and can handle yellow jackets and hornet removal, as well.

It takes time to search the property, but we are there to answer your questions and address your needs. Plus, we offer free bee removal estimates, whether you’re dealing with an African Honey Bee or European Honey Bee infestation.

bee removal Lakeland

Bee Removal Lakeland FL

honey bee removal Lakeland
honey bee removal Lakeland

Honey Bee Removal Lakeland FL

We care about your safety and can assist with bee hive removal. Lakeland residents understand that saving bees is crucial, but they could do harm or cause significant inconveniences. That’s why you need a bee removal specialist to deal with wild bees!

Our team of beekeepers use kill-free honey bee removal! Lakeland residents like this because they can get rid of unwanted wild honey bees without fear!

We remove bees, taking them to an apiary where they can do their bee work safely. Our Lakeland bee removal service focuses on transporting bees to vacuum cleaners to remove the honey hives. Then, we remove pheromone traces so that you can enjoy your outdoor activities without fear.

Remove Honey Bees Safely

You know that bees are crucial for the ecosystem. However, Lakeland honey bee removal is still a popular service because of excessively large bee hives and stinging concerns.

It’s important to do what’s right for your property while focusing on honey bee removal. Lakeland, FL, residents often have a bee problem and need our assistance. We’re here for you!


Contacted this company in the morning and pesky yellow jackets were gone by late afternoon. Great service and prompt response! They were friendly, professional and informative. The nest was huge, and he explained everything that was going on. Fascinating! Now I can work in the garden without being stung. Thanks so much!
— James Rouch

We had a swarm of honeybees make our compost bin their home. We called Southern Bee Removal and their guys came out the same day and removed the bees. They were fantastic and extremely professional throughout the process. HIGHLY recommend them!!!
— Jessica Nouri

Very professional and attentive to their customers needs. Made sure that the bees were removed and when I called they followed up to ensure that all was well. Loved there customer service..
— Michael Clay

Bee Removal Lakeland

Assistance for Various Stinging Insects

As with many other Florida bee removal companies in the area, we also help you eliminate other stinging insects along with Africanized Honey Bees. In fact, our bee removal company focuses on finding the bee nest and moving it safely to another area. That means you’re not hurting the environment!

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Why Choose Our Live Bee Removal Services

Lakeland bee removal is something that most Florida residents must deal with at some point. It’s wise to let professionals handle this task!

Do you need bee removal in Lakeland? Please schedule bee removal services with our company today by calling (XXX) XXX-XXXX. We’re here to assist!