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Bee Removal Ft Lauderdale FL

Do You Need Bee Removal? Ft Lauderdale FL Residents Choose Us!

What do you do when you require bee removal? Ft Lauderdale FL residents often turn to a professional because they don’t know what to do themselves. It’s often dangerous to try a DIY removal, and Southern Bee Removal is an excellent solution.

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bee removal ft lauderdale fl

We offer these services on top of Ft Lauderdale FL bee removal:

  • Africanized Honey Bee removal
  • Honey bee removal
  • Removal of yellow jackets
  • Wasp removal
  • Bee hive/honey removal
  • Hornet removals

Bee Removal Ft Lauderdale FL

Relocation of the Bee Hive

The state of Florida understands that eradication of wild bee colonies is the safest method, but that doesn’t mean they must be killed by a bee exterminator. Ft Lauderdale FL residents can choose to have them relocated or destroyed, and we can help you decide what’s right for you.

When you’re dealing with killer bees, it’s often wise to choose eradication instead of a bee hive removal. Ft Lauderdale FL residents want to avoid bee stings, and the African honey bee is often more dangerous than traditional honey bees.

bee removal ft lauderdale fl

Bee Removal Ft Lauderdale FL

bee removal ft lauderdale fl
bee removal ft lauderdale fl

Dangers of Africanized Honey Bees

A killer bee has the same venom amounts as traditional honey bees, but they’ll attack when minorly provoked and in larger numbers. The sound of your lawnmower or even laughter can draw a swarm from their bee hives, and you require bee control. Ft Lauderdale FL residents need a bee removal specialist to assist them.

The European honey bee isn’t as dangerous, but there may still be a need for bee control. Ft Lauderdale FL, residents often find that a bee removal service with live bee removal is the best solution.

After searching for a bee infestation, we often decide to choose bee relocation. Ft Lauderdale FL, is full of bees and other stinging insects. Wasps are also known for causing panic, and we can help you!

You need a Ft Lauderdale FL bee removal corp. to deal with bee infestations and help you with removing bees. We do so humanely and safely. Our pest control service in South Florida also deals with wasp nest removals and more. Call us today to get rid of your bee problem.


Contacted this company in the morning and pesky yellow jackets were gone by late afternoon. Great service and prompt response! They were friendly, professional and informative. The nest was huge, and he explained everything that was going on. Fascinating! Now I can work in the garden without being stung. Thanks so much!
— James Rouch

We had a swarm of honeybees make our compost bin their home. We called Southern Bee Removal and their guys came out the same day and removed the bees. They were fantastic and extremely professional throughout the process. HIGHLY recommend them!!!
— Jessica Nouri

Very professional and attentive to their customers needs. Made sure that the bees were removed and when I called they followed up to ensure that all was well. Loved there customer service..
— Michael Clay

Bee Removal Ft Lauderdale FL

Why Choose Our Bee Removal Services

Most people understand that Africanized bees are a danger to their health and happiness. Though beekeepers have a bee box and keep as many bees as possible, some species are much more aggressive predators than native bees.

We understand your concern and can help with honey bee removal. Ft Lauderdale FL, residents can ensure they are protected and that the bees safely move elsewhere.

Do you have an annoying bee colony on your property that prevents you from enjoying time outside? You need to contact the best bee removal company Ft Lauderdale FL, has to offer. We handle wasp removals, as well.

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Honey Bee Hive Removal Services

If you’re in Ft Lauderdale FL and want to keep bees in their natural habitat, live removal is the best solution in most cases. We can help you remove bees with fewer safety risks.

Are you ready to experience a bee-free life? Please contact us at (XXX) XXX-XXXX for your free bee removal estimates. We are here to assist you and help you get rid of bees without killing them!